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21 Nov

NAX Academic Testimonials

Looking for a parent or student-athletes perspective on their NAX academic experience? Check out the following academic testimonials below:
  • Alexa McMillan - NAX Female Prep 2014-2017. Currently with Saint Mary's University/U Sports
  • Caroline Benning (Mother of Michael Benning) - NAX Elite 15s 2017-18. Florida Panthers Draft Pick currently with University of Denver/NCAA Div I
  • Karen Leyer (Mother of Nick and Ethan Leyer) - Nick: NAX Elite 15s 2015/16 and Midget Prep 2016/17, currently captain of Spruce Gove Saints/AJHL. Ethan: NAX Elite 15s 2017-18, currently with Whitecourt Wolverines/AJHL, St. Cloud State University/NCAA Div I commit
  • Lucas Arbour-Neagoe & Parents Danielle & Mike Arbour-Neagoe - NAX Elite 15s 2015/16 and Midget Prep 2016/17